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Travertine is a stunning natural stone that has been used in construction since the time of the ancient Romans. It is always popular in building material like outdoor cladding ,flooring . but these years ,travertine used in furniture is in trending.

What is travertine?

Travertine is a type of natural stone most commonly found in Italy, Iran, Turkey, Mexico and Peru. Formed from the mineral deposits at the bottom of water beds, travertine is actually a preliminary form of limestone. Similarly it is made from the collected and compressed shells and debris of dead aquatic creatures. All of this gives travertine a dense, fibrous texture with beautiful earthy tones and deep, intricate detail.  

When it comes to luxury home or project design, travertine is as important as an eye.

Here we are talking about 5 pieces of the travertine tables shining in your project.(all the photos were taken in the workshop by mobile ,there is color difference with the real product)

1. Travertine Dining Tables

Travertine dining tables are a popular choice for luxury homes. The natural patterns and texture of travertine can create a stunning centerpiece for any dining room. Custom travertine dining tables can be made in a variety of shapes, including round, rectangular, and square. They can also be made in a variety of sizes, making them a great option for both small and large dining rooms.

2. Travertine Coffee Tables

Travertine coffee tables are a unique and stylish option for luxury living rooms. They can be made in a variety of styles, from modern to traditional. A custom travertine coffee table can be the perfect addition to a room with neutral tones, as the natural patterns and texture of travertine can add visual interest.

3. Travertine Side Tables

Custom-made travertine side tables are a great way to add a touch of luxury to the project. It is not only a side table but also an art for the space .

4. Travertine Outdoor Tables

Travertine is a durable and weather-resistant material, making it an excellent option for outdoor furniture. Especially in middle-east countries, travertine tables can resist sunlight and with it’s nature touch and color, the dust will not effect it’s elegant.

5. Travertine Console Tables

Custom travertine console tables are a stylish and functional addition to any luxury project. They can be used in entryways, hallways, or living rooms.

How to custom travertine tables?

When it comes to custom travertine table designs, there are a few things to keep in mind.

1.Travertine Color selection:

Travertine is a natural stone that has a wide range of colours. The most common colours are tan, cream, and white, but travertine can also be found in shades of yellow, pink, red, and grey. Because it is a natural stone, each piece of travertine is unique.

2. Travertine Surface Finishing selection:

2.1 Travertine Flat Panles

2.1.1Surface polished smooth, holes not filled, no oiling.

2.1.2 Surface polished smooth, large holes filled and small holes left unfilled, no oiling.

2.1.3 Surface polished smooth, all holes filled, no oiling.

2.1.4.Surface polished smooth, holes not filled, oil sealed.

2.1.5 Surface polished smooth, large holes filled and small holes left unfilled, oil sealed.

2.1.6 Surface polished smooth, all holes filled, oil sealed.

2.1.7 Surface polished smooth, holes not filled, waterproofing applied.

2.1.8 Surface polished smooth, large holes filled and small holes left unfilled, waterproofing applied.

2.1.9 Surface polished smooth, all holes filled, waterproofing applied.

2.2 Travertine Tables

For the travertine tea tables, the tabletop usually is treated as per the flat surface category, legs not oil sealed. (Generally, legs do not undergo any treatment and are only polished smooth or are given a rough natural edge. However, if the tabletop is oil sealed, there will be a color difference with the legs.)

2.3 Travertine Side tables

Only polished, no further treatment.

3.Size and shape:

Relating to customization ,It’s important to consider the size and shape for your project.

Tips on how to care for and maintain your travertine table:

Sealing travertine top:

Sealing prevents liquids and materials, which may be accidentally spilt on the stone, soaking in and being absorbed causing stains.

A great test of whether a stone needs sealing is to pour a small puddle of water on the stone about 10 centimetres wide and leave it for a few minutes to see if it soaks in and leaves a dark mark, which indicates it needs to be sealed as the water has been absorbed.

Sealing can be done using DIY-sealants sold in hardware stores such as Bunnings however professional sealing is strongly recommended.

How often the stone needs to be sealed depends on many factors including the type of natural stone, where it’s located (kitchen or bathroom, floor or benchtop etc) and how much wear and tear it suffers.

At Miracle hotel furniture, we are happy to offer advice based on your individual situation to keep your stone pristine, however as a guide most natural stone will need to be sealed anywhere between every 6 months and every 5 years.


Other Tips for Maintaining Natural Stone:

Wipe up any spills immediately even if your natural stone has been sealed. Sealants typically slow down the rate of absorption of spilled liquids but don’t necessarily prevent the absorption altogether. After wiping a spill with a damp cloth, dry with a separate cloth straight away.

Do not place anything excessively hot on your natural stone surfaces such as roasting trays or saucepans on kitchen countertops or hot pokers on fireplaces as they can cause cracking in the stone.

Don’t use scouring pads to scrub the stone as they can scratch and dull its finish.

Many household detergent sprays are bad for natural stone surfaces and can have a detrimental effect on their aesthetic. At Miracle hotel furniture, we can offer advice on the best cleaning products for your natural stone surfaces

Don’t drag any heavy objects across natural stone surfaces as they could leave permanent marks.

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