7 kinds of wood used the most for hotel furniture

One of the main costs for a piece of hotel furniture is the frame which is wooden or metal ? In this article we are going to talk about 7 kinds of the wood which are used the most for custom hotel furniture.


Walnut wood is a pale brown, dense hardwood that is known for its hardness and durability.It is popular because it can be polished to a high gloss.

Walnut wood is often found in high-end furniture, because it can be stained to produce natural colors which are resistant to fading. its unique color and texture.

The walnut is devided to be 4 kinds according to the origin .

1.1 South American walnut is found mainly in Peru, Colombia, Ecuador, Venezuela, Argentina and Mexico. This black walnut is dark brown in color and has a black streaky pattern on the cut surface. The grain is through to the undulating texture and the structure is quite coarse.  

1.2 American Black Walnut, commonly known as American Walnut or simply Black Walnut, is one of the most valuable species of broadleaf wood, mainly from North America, and is known as the King of American Broadleaf Wood.

The surface wood of American black walnut is creamy white, with a light brown to brownish-black core, and only the corrugated or curved wood grain in the middle has a decorative pattern.

1.3 PNG walnut,The name PNG Walnut is derived from its country of origin, Papua New Guinea. It is a valuable hardwood of the genus Sphinx. PNG walnut has the same physical properties as traditional walnut and has a similar grain, which, together with its golden shimmer, is also known in China as golden walnut or golden walnut.

1.4 Red walnut origin in Myanmar, India, Vietnam, etc., red walnut wood uniform colour, with sour odor, oily feeling, core yellow-brown to reddish-brown, with a few thin strips or light dark fine scratch lines, part of the tube hole containing dark gum; straight or wavy texture, wood strength, hard material, fine and uniform structure, corrosion resistance, good wear resistance, good performance, small dry shrinkage.


Light yellow-brown wood, elegant texture, medium parabolic pattern on the chord section, with small circles between. Cherry is also a high-grade wood and is usually used for furniture with veneer, rarely with solid wood.


Here beech refers to beech, which has a bright light yellow colour. Beech: heavy, strong, impact resistant, easy to bend under steam, can be made into shapes, good nailing performance, but easy to crack. Clear grain, evenly textured wood, soft, smooth tones. Heavier than most hardwoods, cracks easily when kiln dried and processed.


Maple is light yellow in colour, with a small mountain grain. The most characteristic feature is the “shadow” (local lustre is obvious). Maple is a mid-range wood, veneer and solid wood are very common. Maple is divided into two types: soft maple and hard maple. The wood is greyish-brown to greyish-red in colour, with an inconspicuous annual ring and many small, evenly distributed official holes. Maple is interlocked in the grain, with a fine and uniform structure of kidneys, light and hard, with an excellent pattern. Light and easy to process, the cut surface is not smooth, easy to warp when dry. Good paint performance, strong gluing.


birch light yellow color, easy to divide characteristics is more “water line” (black line). Birch is also a mid-range wood, both solid wood and veneer are common. Birch has a straight and pronounced grain, a fine, soft and smooth material structure and a soft or medium texture. Birch is flexible, prone to cracking and warping when dry and is not hard-wearing. It has good workability, smooth cut surfaces and good painting and gluing properties. Commonly used for carved parts, but less so now. Easy to distinguish features is more “water line”.

6. Rubber wood:

Rubber wood is light yellow-brown in colour, there are a variety of small rays, the annual cycle is obvious, the wheel boundary is a dark band, the tube hole is very little. The wood structure is coarse and uniform. The grain is oblique and the wood is hard. Advantages: smooth cut surfaces, easy to glue, good paintability. Disadvantages: rubber wood has an unpleasant smell and is prone to discoloration, decay and insect infestation due to the high sugar content. Not easy to dry, not wear-resistant, easy to crack, easy to bend deformation, wood processing easy, while the plate processing easy to deformation.

7.Oak wood

It is heavy, hard, coarse structure, slow growth, heart sapwood distinction is obvious. Texture straight or oblique, wood rays are very obvious, water resistance and corrosion resistance, high mechanical strength, wood is very difficult to dry, high processing difficulties, but the cut surface is smooth, wear-resistant, high gluing requirements, paint coloring, good finishing performance.

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