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more than 1000 pcs of furniture per month


Unlimited Access

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24/7 Online Support

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we are good at customization

Manufacturing by the drawings, sketches and photos. Standardised processes allow the customer to follow up on every production step at any time.

Know More about Miracle Hotel Furniture

Our Showroom

There are 2 parts in our showroom. One is for residential furnitures which displays the most popular and newsest designs which developed by ourselves .Another part contains 12 independant hotel rooms from the previous hotel projects we made  .They are 1:1 from the project drawings .It will be helpful for the desigers or hotel owners to see the designs in reality and make the  changes accordingly before bulk production.

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Independant Sampling workshop

The indepandent sampling workshop is the soul for a customization factory . The bulk goods will follow the sample which made in this  workshop. We have 8 experenced hand made workers ,independant  material cutting machines,hundreds of furnishing samples in the sampling workshop. The furniture from the design till to be the ready product, it will be like a baby borned here .

The Process Flow & Duration Estimation for Hotel Furniture Manufacturing

Please note that the final delivery time depends on the quantity of hotel rooms, the efficency of approval processes, customized service you require, relevant national policies.Here are the short list of your order production procudues and estimated time for references.

Step 1: Receive the inquiry .

when we receive your enquiry , our sales will contact you within 8 working hours. we will collect the needed information for the market demand ,such as project scope ,detailed designs,how many hotel rooms ,where is the project located, how is the project management , and may show you our previous projects .

Step 2: Project quote.

As this step ,you can get cost estimates first . After we collect all the detailed requirements like materials ,furnishing from the designer, we are going to take 3-5 days to analysis the total cost .if you have the project budget from the owner or construction contractor , that will be helpful for us to meet your fixed cost .

Step 3: Payment schedule .

After confirm the prices , the deposit should be paid through T/T . Usually 30% -50% of the total amount as deposit . For the balance L/C is acceptable .This procedure usually take 1 day for us to receive the payment .

Step 4: Sampling

This process also can be done before bulk manufacturing , you can select the few pieces from all the items to make the samples for quality checking . First of all ,the production drawing will be approved by your side .Then the paper will be cut 1:1 as the furniture size to check the whole dimenssion,after that the wood parts will follow the the 1:1 paper. when everything is fine from the paper sampling , we are going to make the wood parts which will follow the paper size till complete the sample production process .Usually it takes 7-12 days.

Step 5: Produciton drawing.

We have an experenced team with 12 designers for your drawings. Once we got the photos or sketches , we will study the concept first to achieve your designs better . After the shape ,diamenssion of the furnitures, the detailed finishing , materials, technological complexity will be marked on the drawings to get your final approval before the bulk proudctions processes. 3-5 days will be spent on this process ,it depends on the project capacity .

Step 6: Bulk manufacturing .

This is the most important process now also it takes the longest time in all the works . 30-45 days needed for the bulk manufacturing .In the furniture industry ,the production processes are : board cutting -polishing-QC -solid wood part-QC-polishing-QC -wood parts assembling -based painting-QC -surface painting-QC-polishing -final painting -QC- soft parts assembling-QC- packaging-QC.

Step 7: Shipping.

We are very glad to provide our clients extra shipping service,especially in nowadays, the shipping freight is high ,when you have other products to be shipped together ,we are glad to collect all then ship together to save the cost .Consideration for our clients is what we are doing all the time.

We deliver our products all over the world

Why Choose Us ?

Win-win cooperation has always been our aim.

Hundreds of Furnishings

We have hundreds of options available for furnishings at different price level ,so we are sure to find something perfect for any budget. 

Professional design

When a professional design team know you well and deepen your designs into produciton drawings, it is the first important step for the bulk manufacturing.

Strict QC stystem

6 times inspection processes from the material to the ready products .Every time counts .

Intsallation surpports

Installation guide service on the site is available if you need for the fixed furniture.

Qualified products passed the strict tests

material test
material test report
material test

Hotel bedroom furniture

Hotel lobby furniture

Hotel fixed furniture

Luxry villa furniutre

Commercial project furniture

How we control the quality?

Doing is better than talking.

The materials such as wood,fabric, leather and accessories would be checked accordingly  when it is purchased back.

Painting for the basement will effect the surface furnishing.The unqualified  painting products will be polished for rework if there is.

The size of the wood will be checked after cut to avoid any problem relating to the size from the begining.

Usually you will be informed to have the half finished products inspection .We’d like our clients know our products from inner .

The first time polishing process will be done after the wood cut. Then the neccesary QC procudue for the polishing is  important.

Ready made products will be inspected by our QC first .Then videos or photos of inspection details will be sent to you .


Our products can be customized for many different indurstries.

Star Hotel

Premium Residential


Real Estate

Meet the Team

We love our work, and we love the furniture we’ve made. We’re a team of dedicated workers who take pride in our craftsmanship. Our furniture is top-quality, and it’s sure to last for years to come. We’re proud of what we’ve created, and we know you’ll love it too!

We’re always looking for ways to improve our production schedules and strengthen the quality concept. We are searching for better material supplies, which results in higher-quality products that also cost less as well!
We commit to be No. 2 hotel furniture supplier in China because it makes us move forward all the  time .

Brand Co-founder : Peng Jiao

My name is Peng Jiao and I’ve been in the furniture exporting business for over 10 years. My small dream has always been to provide my clients with quality products at affordable prices, but  it became clear that there’s one thing more important than anything else: “made-in China” means something good!

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