How to make better Furniture for hotel lobby

One of the challenges for many of the hotels is the choice of furniture. It is one of the most important decisions we must make when opening an establishment or carrying out a complete or partial reform of the hotel. The furniture is key to defining the decorative style of the premises, as well as to determine the level of comfort of the client.

The location, customer service, price, and restoration, are all important aspects. Still, the quality and design of the hotel’s furniture are essential aspects that will help us offer a unique and differentiated experience from other establishments.

If you are looking for a step by step on how to overcome the challenge, here we share some ideas.

Which criterias to decide furniture for hotels?


When choosing the furniture, you should take into account the characteristics of the hotel, such as the dimensions, the shape, the decorative style, and the profile of its guests. Based on these factors, select fabrics, furnishings, colors, and materials that allow for individual furnishings. If possible, purchase furniture that can be personalized with your hotels logo or name or select your brand colors; and make sure it matches your Merida interior décor.


The beauty and comfort of the surrounding space in the face of modern competition should be mandatory conditions, even for budget hotels and hostels.


Furniture in hotels is subjected to constant and intensive use.

Hotel furniture must not only be aesthetically pleasing and comfortable, but it also needs to be practical and functional. Make sure it is the right size, ergonomic, and, if necessary, integrate accessories that will help your guests have the best experience, such as electrical connections or cup holders.


The most important thing when selecting furniture for hotels is quality. If they are aesthetically well designed and functional but of poor quality, they will quickly wear out and need to invest in replacements soon; instead, the quality is an endorsement that only the best materials are used, they will be more resistant, and the fabrics will have characteristics that meet hotel safety standards, for example, being fire retardant and hypoallergenic.


Safety is the concern of every furniture buyer, as for the hotel, customers require safety and confirmation. That’s why furniture from China makes sure to certify the oil painting of the product for durability. families are the priority of any hotel, the furniture they place in their hotel lobby should be safe for children, the finishing should be smooth, no cuts and corners should be visible to children and furniture fabric should be fireproof to avoid any accidents.

What furniture usually for hotel lobby and bars?

The first thing people see when entering a hotel is the lobby and reception. Based on what you see, the first impression of the institution is instantly formed. And if it is negative, visitors go to look for another hotel. The most suitable furniture for hotels and hotels designed for this area is as follows:

➔ the front desk of guests (immediately catches the eye)

➔ a large sofa (so that several people can comfortably accommodate on it at the same time)

 armchairs with soft upholstery;

➔ Internet and computer counters

➔ coffee tables

➔ bar counter.

What materials are preferable?

Materials for the lobby are chosen based on the category of the hotel: it makes no sense to buy expensive items for an economy-class establishment, and cheap furniture in a 4th  or 5th  hotel will cause sincere bewilderment.

The manufacture of furniture for hotels belonging to the budget segment involves the use of the material. Here are 5 main kinds of material which are used mostly for the hotel lobby.


if the availability of hardwood is hard, then manufacturers use alternatives to wood for the manufacturing of furniture. the edge of using alternatives is its less cost and good performance. this alternative wood is made up of polywood, clipboard, and MDF.MDF is the most used alternative for 7-star hotels. the major advantage of MDF is that you can customize and mold it to any design.

Solid wood

Most of the furniture around us is made of solid wood as it is convenient, durable, and comforting. furniture makers are fond to work with wood because of its feature of hardness. Solid wood furniture gives us a classy look and luxurious sitting in the lobby.


Marble is used as the decor item of the feature. It adds elegance and provides a light effect to the area. Furniture like tables and side drawers can be built by it.


Metal is an industrial product. The base of the furniture is built with it. Metal has feature hardness higher than wood which ultimately increases the durability fo the product.


Upholstery work is used as the cover when the requirements are comfort and luxury to do upholstery materials like leather and foam padding can be used, which provides aesthetic looks to the lobby of the hotel.

Ready-made furniture or custom-made sets?

It all depends on the specifics of the institution, the tastes of the hotel owner, and his financial capabilities. For example, you can order ready-made products for a standard hotel lobby or an inexpensive lobby setting. Companies engaged in such a business can even send photos of furniture to the hotel. But for a hotel designer who wants to make its lobby design distinctive, it is often necessary to order headsets according to individual parameters. First of all, these are sofas, tables, chairs, and bar counters.

If you plan to equip a chain of hotels, then making furniture for hotels is the best way to get exclusive sets made in the same style for all establishments. Once in such a hotel, a person immediately sees that its owners are trying to provide guests with the best. This, in turn, raises the status of the institution and attracts new customers.

Ready-made furniture sets for furnishing hotels are the best-priced option for decorating lobbies in economy-class establishments, as well as in their rooms and other areas. But in this case, the set may include items that are not necessary for example, you only need 2 chairs, but you get 4 as you need to buy the whole set).

Except for the budget issue, the lead time is a point to be considered. Custom furniture will take a longer time from the material selection to the end finish.


To conclude we can say that the hotel lobby should represent a “prelude” to the rest of the rooms and an invitation to visit the rest of the hotel. This article allows the owners of hotels to purchase durable, functional, and beautiful products at reasonable prices. It is desirable that hotel furniture is not of the same type – a creative approach to the design of rooms, combined with the comfort of living, is always appreciated. And if the atmosphere in the institution meets these parameters, there will never be a shortage of guests! You can get many useful tips about hotel design by visiting our website.

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