How do we choose the qualified wood for solid wood furniture

Here we are talking about the wood which we do not use for our furnitures


The wood with insects can not be used at all .There are two reasons. The first is that the insects will cause decay inside, then the structure is not strong enough, and it is easy to break. The second is that although these woods have been dried at high temperature in the kiln, the eggs have been roasted to death in principle, but  some eggs are still alive in extreme cases , so there is still high risk of moth-eaten if  use the moth-eaten wood for furniture .

We have to say that it is impossible to eliminate insects 100%, but with our material selection procedures to minimize the probability, there will be no one out of 1,000 in our goods delivery


When there is split on the wood that cannot be used. Because the end itself is easy to crack, and it is filled with sawdust mixed with glue in the case of cracking, its structural strength is still questionable.

It cannot be used even if there are dense dry cracks inside the wood board. This cracking occurs when the logs are kiln-dried. Once it appears, it means that it cannot withstand dry-type variable stress changes, and both structural strength and aesthetics will be affected, so any part of the furniture, including the inner panel back panel, cannot be used.But this is the case except in the log wood furniture.

Hollow tree knot and tree scars

There are several problems in this board, one is the exaggerated black line, which is what our carpenters often call the mineral line, and the other is the hollow tree knot.

For us, this kind of problem-focused material cannot be used on the glossy surface, no matter the door panel, drawer face or side panel. Except for cherry wood, because the black mineral line of cherry wood is almost unavoidable and can only be minimized. Usually we will inform the furniture owner in advance.

Of course, some products are beautiful with the color difference of solid wood, such as floors and log wood furniture, which use black resin to fill hollow tree holes, which is considered as an understandable product idea.


As for the patterns on the front, most of them are patterns with rings on the right side, and few are straight lines on the left side, but the patterns are not chaotic, and the straight lines are smooth and fine, all of which are considered as good patterns.

Because of the growth environment and some special parts, there will be more chaotic grimace lines. There is also an old saying called shadow wood. It is a good material for the wood beaded bracelet, but for furniture, it is generally not used on the front drawer panel.


The probability of problems may be not happened in one or two years for a straight line stitching , but after a long time, the solid wood will rise and the strength of the combination is not enough. The risk of cracking like the following is still relatively large.

If you are the owner, the table has the following crack after a year of use, and the merchant will send you a package of drama ending plus 502 to repair it yourself, how do you feel? Probably want to flip the table.

How we stitched :lightning stitching. The splicing of the lightning seam has obvious advantages in terms of firmness, the first contact surface is large, and the bonding is stronger. The second bite up and down, it is not so easy to loose .

Why now most of the furniture manufacture prefer to use straight line stitching ?There are two reasons . First,  lightning stitching is more dangerous. There was no special equipment before, and the vertical planer is relatively dangerous and easy to hurt. We also eliminated it in the past two years. We used linear trimmers.The second is that this kind of splicing will be more expensive, and one centimeter of material will be wasted for each piece of splicing. Don’t underestimate this centimeter, the more you stitch, the more the loss.

For a long time, we insisted on this splicing method. Even some of our own carpenters will think that latex is so easy to use now, and it costs more materials, and customers don’t feel it. Anyway, it won’t be broken for a year and a half, so why insist on it? Later, after more contact and seeing the probability of problems, I felt that our persists are worthy. We have never had a problem with the stitching boards for our made furniture.

Welcome to discuss with us for more wood knowledge.

Peng Jiao


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