How to Import Hotel Lobby Furniture from China?

Do you plan to import furniture from Chinese manufacturers? Or maybe you are looking for the best Chinese furniture for your hotel business, but often it ends in failure. I know for sure that it is quite difficult for importers to determine who is the best furniture supplier and how to import hotel lobby furniture from China.

This blog is prepared as a complete guide, where you can have all the information you may need. The furniture market in China has also entered Europe as the largest furniture exporter. In this article, we will discuss Tips, benefits, and limitations that can come with importing furniture from China.

1. Why Import Hotel lobby furniture from China?

Price. It is cheaper to buy furniture from China because the production cost is low, from raw materials to labor. Even adding the shipping price is usually cheaper than buying in a local store, especially if the purchase volume is high.

Customization. In China, a professional hotel lobby furniture manufacturer can customize any of your furniture for your hotel project with photos or sketches. You can avoid the normal type of lobby furniture and get unique instead.

Quality. Chinese furniture is the biggest OEM factory in the world. You can get any price you want, but you get what you pay. When you need high-quality furniture, you can get it, also, but the price is higher that’s why you have many choices concerning your budget.

Security. Chinese online stores work like their American counterparts and offer payment methods with high-security standards, such as credit cards or PayPal. When you want to order customization furniture and your order is in bulk, then L/C payment is also acceptable.

Business. Due to everything described above, many Europeans have found China the ideal place to order furniture for hotels. The Chinese market gains more followers every day for its wide range of furniture, especially its low prices.

2. Where to Buy Hotel lobby furniture in China?

– From Online

China has a giant online market.  It is the best place for price transparency. There you can find the right price for the product. There are hundreds of providers available online. You can also find various furniture categories with an option for fast and efficient delivery options. These platforms are easily accessible to the layman. They have a user-friendly interface that can be easily understood. The whole buying process on these platforms is simple and convenient such as

– From Trade Fairs

If, instead of looking for suppliers on online platforms, you prefer to travel directly to China to attend trade fairs in the sector, here are some of the most relevant fairs:

CIFF : China international furniture fair( Guangzhou )

3.18–21   including outdoor furniture & textile

3.28-31   office furniture / machinery & materials

Canton Fair (Phase 2) (Guangzhou, Guangdong)

This is the most significant international fair in china currently, the designs are not so unique, but when you visit this fair, you can see other products at the same time .due to the coronavirus, you can visit online only

Guangzhou design week

The first Biggest design+brands furniture show in China. You deserve to be here.

– From wholesale markets

Wholesale Market also allows you to visit many vendors under one roof. But this can take time as you need to meet sellers there. But this can help you check the furniture quality for your lobby, and while ordering and importing these furniture sets, you will be satisfied that they are exactly what you want in your lobby. Most of the biggest wholesale markets are in Foshan Guangdong.

3. Tips to Select the Right Hotel lobby furniture

  • Most of our readers will look for suppliers on platforms such as Alibaba or Global source. For this reason, and above all, to locate the right hotel lobby furniture, manufacturers must adequately comply with the following factors.

Registered Capital

Type of business

Quality Management

  • Many furniture importers believe that they will have to adapt to what they find in Chinese manufacturers’ catalogs, which is not the case. As in virtually any Chinese industry, manufacturers will be willing to manufacture to customer specifications. They will have their own catalog, but if your goal is to manufacture under your own brand and design, you must provide them with a very detailed specification sheet.
  • To ensure that the manufacturer is not sending substandard or damaged hotel lobby furniture, which is common, you should hire a quality inspector to check the merchandise.
  • Furniture is subject to chemical regulations and fire safety standards. The only way to ensure that your imported hotel lobby furniture is compliant with, for example, REACH or CA Prop 65 is to submit samples for laboratory testing.
  • The lowest price of imported products from China is not always the best. If you find a rate that is significantly cheaper than the others, it could be an indication of problems.  Be sure to place some sample orders to check the legitimacy of the hotel lobby furniture. Check the quality of the product, the shipping times, and everything that you consider essential.

4.  How to Buy Hotel lobby furniture from China?

1. Know your import rights

You should know that several essential rules apply to importing lobby furniture for hotels. And it is in the hands of the customs organization to qualify the nature of the products.

2. Find the right furniture manufacture

Focus on gathering enough information about the manufacturer with whom you want to buy and import products from China. Check review, descriptive literature and information on manufacturing company.

3. Make sure the products are allowed in your country

Some types of furniture cannot be imported, as Europe has different prohibited rules than China. You should first confirm that the lobby furniture you wish to import has all the government permits and does not fall under any restrictions.

4. Classify the products and estimate the shipping cost

Verify all of the shipping costs for each item you want to import. Together with the calculation of the import tax rate. Then the total cost is calculated.

5. Choose your shipping agent

There are many costs associated with shipping products, such as container fees, packaging, terminal handling, and broker fees.

Ensure the supplier agrees to ship from your port or airport near you to reduce shipping costs.

6. Track your cargo and await the arrival

Shipping products, especially furniture internationally, takes time; Depending on the destination, it can take from two weeks at least. In general, it is recommended to place an order at least four months before you need to set up your lobby.

7. Receive the merchandise

When the products arrive at their destination, it is time to make arrangements for the customs agent to carry out the corresponding procedures.

8. The quality of the products you buy

After you get your goods, remember to check the list and contact the supplier soonest if anything is missed or damaged. Do not wait much, as the longer the time passes after sales, the more difficult it is to claim a return or damage.

5. Common Challenges Importing from China

Common people mainly use lobby furniture on a daily basis, so many countries have strict regulations and high requirements for it. Other than that, there are other issues that make importing hotel lobby furniture a little more complicated. Here are some of the main problems that can arise when importing furniture from China.

– Communication Gap

The first challenge, without a doubt, is the fact that linguistic and cultural barriers hinder negotiations and the production of goods.

As a result, misunderstandings, lack of clarity, and generalizations can contribute to the production of lobby furniture for a hotel with errors or that do not comply with what you want or within the defined deadline.

– Quality Issues

Quality is the biggest issue of all. It is sometimes difficult to fulfill the standards of hotel lobby furniture as different countries have different required standards. If you import a large number of furniture, you’d better pass all the necessary tests. But if the number of furniture is small, then the cost of all these tests is very high.

The best way is to ask your suppliers to provide reports of these tests they have done in the past to make sure their products meet safety standards.

– Long Lead Time

if you are ordering your furniture for your hotel lobby from China, you face delays and a long lead time in the process and manufacturing of the furniture from the beginning. First, it will be hard for Chinese furniture manufacturers to understand your specifications. After that, due to differences in designs and styles, they may take time to manufacture the product and finalize everything.

– Delay in Delivery

The problem of shipping furniture from China is the most economical way because the weight is usually heavy, and the product size is consistently large, which is why you can face delays in deliveries.

There are many custom checks and inspections in the process of delivery which can take a lot of time. You should keep in mind that buying from China or any other country generally involves a more complicated process and a longer waiting time.


Today, anyone through an e-commerce website has the opportunity to access a Chinese store to purchase an infinite variety of hotel lobby furniture or other things. Regardless of location, products made in China will arrive at your door, so you can enjoy quality at low prices. Now that you know how to import from China, encourage yourself by visiting different sites and following the safety tips. In this way, you will create a beautiful lobby for your hotel.

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