How To Inspect Furniture for Importers

Organizing a furniture inspection before importation is a crucial step for your company that you will always treasure. Multiple inspection activities and lab tests are necessary before, during, or after production to ensure you get what you ordered. A thorough inspection involves checking a lot of things from the start of the project to the end. So, the question naturally becomes, what lab tests and inspections are necessary to warrant quality.

1. Furniture lab tests

They are necessary to ensure pieces of furniture are in line with applicable safety standards and regulatory requirements. These tests ensure you qualify for the certifications needed by customs of different countries. Further, they can make sure you stay compliant with other standards that are crucial to furniture importation.

These tests vary from one country to the other, and it is worth noting which must be done before importation. Standard lab tests done to guarantee consumer safety and facilitate smooth shipping include:

  • Testing material of the furniture for fire resistance and flammability
  • Testing for the lead content in the wood’s surface
  • Determining the amount of formaldehyde and pentachlorophenol in composite wood furniture

2.0 Quality control in the factory

Quality checks at every stage during the production process are vital to ensure the final pieces of furniture reach the expected level of quality and are ready for immediate shipment. The checklist for quality control involves several elements, including:

2.1 Appearance

It is vital to ensure the precise specifications outlined in the quality requirements are adhered to throughout the production process. When it comes to appearance, this requires visually:

  • Inspecting CAD designs  and samples to ensure they are the same as the drawing
  • Taking measurements to check for defects related to dimensions
  • Checking for color variation and discoloration
  • Confirming if the hardware (solid wood, MDF, plywood, or stainless steel) is the same as stated in the quality requirements
  • Checking if the finishing quality is okay: matte or shinning
  • Checking the quality of the material (fabric or leather) to ensure it meets the expected level of quality  

2.2 Painting

Finishing provides a protective layer of protection from corrosion, outside elements, wear, and tear. As such, it is essential to ensure it is done in the right way. Basically, there are two key things worth inspecting when it comes to painting:

  • Smelling: Necessary to avoid putting consumers’ health at risk, especially those who are allergic to some smells.
  • Shining or matte: Consumers have different preferences for finishing done to furniture. Matte finishing, for example, works well in modern-looking homes. Ensure what is specified is achieved.

2.3 Packaging inspection

Proper packaging and checks are vital to confirm the inclusion of the correct furniture parts and quantity as ordered. Checks are also essential to guarantee furniture, instruction manuals, barcodes, and accessories are protected against climate impact, abrasion, and other potential elements during shipping.  Marble and glass furniture, for example, are fragile and should be packed with foam then a strong wooden case.

3.0 MEO Customize Got you back

MEO Customize is experienced in custom furniture for more than 12 years. We have a very strict system on the entire furniture inspection from before, during after production, and a team of experts who are well versed in furniture quality inspection. Once the report is ready, we share it with you at the earliest. Here is a sneak peek of how our inspection report looks like.

Further, our inspectors are always available to clarify anything captured in the report. Let MEO Customize take care of your customized furniture, and never have to worry about receiving the wrong pieces. In order to discuss the details of your next project please get in touch with us today, and one of the product specialists will respond to you within one working day.

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