How to make a good hotel lobby

What can attract you when the first time you enter a hotel? Definitely a good hotel lobby! A good lobby is the soul of a hotel. You enter the hotel, and whether to rent a room in the hotel depends on its reception, lobby, and waiting area. The hotel lobby should provide a  great first impression, and if it satisfies the needs of all types of guests, then the lobby is perfect. There are specific facts that should consider while designing a lobby, let us discuss them.

Who is the hotel lobby for?

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The hotel lobby is not specific for a particular type of guest. Many people come and go in the hotel lobby with various cultures, needs, and domains.

Hotel lobby for businessmen:

The lobby is for the businessman to check in and out, attend some business meetings, meet clients or deal with some work urgently. The lobby should have some essential office items such as internet, a printer, a computer station, and specially designed meeting tables.

Hotel lobby for Family  hotel:

Many families with their kids come to hotels to spend vacations and enjoy family time. If the lobby of your hotel is equipped with entertainment items for kids, then more families will get attracted to the hotel. The hotel lobby should include indoor games like snooker, play stations, vending machines with snacks, and some open space for kids to play.

Luxury or vacation hotel:

Many guests in the hotel come to meet friends or to relax in the bar or cafe, the hotel lobby is the best place for them for these activities. The lobby can have a bar with a variety of cocktails and a cafe or restaurant section to serve food and tea.

What styles of the hotel lobby there usually is?

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Contemporary Hotel Lobby

The contemporary hotel lobby is the more common style. This type should be simple with a clean and sharp ambiance and modern furniture.

Mid-Century Hotel Lobby

The mid-century modern hotel lobby is decorated with a special focus on the colors, pallets, shapes, and fabrics with earth tones.

Modern Classic Hotel Lobby

The modern classic style is the updated version of classic design, for example, the Victorian style. In this style, the interior design is done with classic features with a mixture of the modern element. The colors used in this design are brown, black, white, grey, and beige.

Modern Luxury Hotel Lobby

The most luxurious and elegant design is a modern luxury design with opulent nature and is perfect for providing a luxurious and comfortable atmosphere. Shades which are to be used in this design are brown, grey, cream, beige, and black.

Why do we need a good hotel lobby?

This is the first impression you gave to a new hotel client. It can decide whether they want to stay or not somehow, as the main objective of the hotel lobby is to brand your hotel. We need a good hotel lobby so that our guests leave the hotel feeling happy, with unforgettable experiences that will make them return to your establishment in the future.

Today, the lobby is the main center of social interaction in a hotel, whatever example we take to reflect this reality: a backpacker who needs to use the Internet to share photos on his social networks, a marketer giving the latest touches to your presentation or a tourist looking for a place to relax while drinking his coffee, before embarking on a day of excursions.

Formerly, the hotels had nothing interesting for the residents and tourists as small lobbies did not provide any added value to them.  But with the concept of a good hotel lobby with extravagant features, the vision has changed, and hotels have become another interesting places not for visitors but also for the people living nearby. To sum up, we can say that the hotel lobby has excellent value in branding and promoting the hotel by providing customer satisfaction and attractions for outsiders.

Outside, visitors can relax in the hotel’s public areas, e.g., the hotel lobby, enjoying a slice of cake and coffee in the afternoon or a glass of wine in the evening. The hotel lobby thus becomes a new meeting place for locals. Events like live music, art shows, cooking classes, or wine tastings will also draw locals to the lobby.

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What is a good lobby?

A good lobby in any hotel should have to incorporate the following po.ints

multipurpose space

Use the lobby space to host pop-ups with local vendors, live readings, and other activities and events that encourage social interaction and give your guests those special moments they want to experience during their trip.

Technology in the hotel lobby

As a hotelier, it is essential that you know how to identify the needs of your guests and offer them the best possible experience. In these times when bright hotel rooms are a requirement rather than a necessity, we also see increased demand for technology in hotel lobbies and common spaces.

Ecological characteristics

Since more and more consumers are informed about the dangers of global warming and our direct impact on this phenomenon, it is essential to implement sustainability in their lobby and also features that do not harm the environment. A 2018 study found that 87% of travelers around the world want to travel sustainably.

Local charm

One of the attractions of traveling is discovering what makes a place unique, such as local cuisine, art galleries, and community events. You can help familiarize guests with the local culture by designing your lobby as a multi-purpose space.

What furniture is there in the hotel lobby?

In many ways, the impression of the hotel is influenced by the furniture located in the hotel’s lobby. With regards to hotels, one can rephrase the well-known expression: “The furniture is met, but the service is escorted.” So the furniture for hotels in the lobby should be a rather extensive line in the budget of the owner of the hotel.

Though hundreds of different designs of the hotel lobby, but the main furniture checklist is as below:

  • ➔ Reception desk
  • ➔ Lobby arm chairs
  • ➔ Different sofa set
  • ➔ Tea tables
  • ➔ Side tables
  • ➔ Bar chairs
  • ➔ End tables
  • ➔ Computer desks and internet
  • ➔ Console

How to make a good lobby?

A good design

A good design does not mean luxury, but it must meet its position, it can be simple but has its own taste.

Developing your hotel lobby design requires a deep understanding of your brand, your audience, and your property, all at the same time. The process is one that can take some trial and error. And in the end, you may have a few different design options that you’ll want to compare with your team.

When designing your lobby, think about different types of travelers; business travelers, for example, shouldn’t have to turn to the nearest coffee shop for a comfortable space in which to work.

In many public spaces, such as bars and restaurants, classic board games are being implemented, and the response from the public is incredibly favorable. Board games are an entertaining option that generates a good dose of nostalgia, ideal to pass the time and encourage interaction between guests.

Plus, they’re great as a distraction for the kids while parents browse the front desk for information or make dinner reservations with the help of the concierge.

A Good hotel lobby furniture manufacture

After you have confirmed a good design, then you need a professional and reliable hotel lobby furniture manufacturer to achieve it. The main tasks of the furniture are to provide the highest level of comfort and focus on the exclusivity of the institution (style, interior, concept, etc.).

As a good hotel furniture manufacturer, first of all, they can understand well of your design and consider the details for you from their manufacturing position, like dimensions and installation issues and give you suggestions accordingly.

Despite the impressive selection, since hotel lobby furniture is public furniture, that’s why it must meet specific parameters. Here are the default requirements:

  • Furniture should be reliable in operation, functional, and practical.
  • Materials used in the furniture should be environmentally friendly and wear-resistant
  • The equipment of the hotel lobby premises is carried out in the same style or taking into account the general concept of the overall hotel lobby.
  • Furniture can be quickly repaired if necessary.
  • Also, equipment for hotels and hotels must meet certain parameters, depending on the level of the institution.

At last, correct and strong packaging to protect the nice furniture from the factory to your site till displayed.

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