Hotel guest room furniture

Custom hotel furniture is the factory produces the furnitures according to the clients’ request such as size , color ,material even  by the designer’s sketches . It also says bespoke or contract hotel furniture .

Why we choose the custom furniture? The most important is each project the room size and style is different ,also the bugget. When we need them to be fit perfectly on your project , then we have to consider them from all the aspacts. Please read contents as below or contact us to know more about it .

Different Styles of

Hotel guest room furniture

A wide range of styles for your options

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Technical Specifications for our furnitures

Furniture's body material

  • Solid wood
  • E0-E1 MDF( Medium Density Fiberboard)
  • Plywood
  • Chipboard
  • Stainless steel

High quality hardware accessories make your furniture durable using

  • Durable hotel furniture hinge in both full brass and stainless steel.
  • Drawers, soft closing drawers
  • Handles are available in zinc alloy, copper, aluminium, stainless steel, plastic, wood, ceramic, etc.

Correct density foam makes your furniture more comfortable

  • High density : 25-32
  • High rebound sponge with EO sealing
  • Totaly new and healthy material
  • Certificated 

Unique legs make your furniture elegant

  • A wide range  of options for furniture legs : stainless steel leg, wooden leg, electroplated leg and so on 
  • Furniture feet material can be silicone, felt pads, PVC, metal and other materials

Eco-friendly painting oil make your furniture worry-free

  •  Meet the standard of GB-T9756-2001
  • Meet the standard of GB18582-2008

Trending furniture unholyster keeps your furniture on style

  • Hundreds of trending fabrics to choose 
  • Hundreds of popular PU are available 
  • Leather collections are updated
  • Fireproof  treatments meet your standard

Furniture surface is the face of furniture

  • Shinning wooden surface finishing 
  • Matt wooden surface finishing 
  • Leather covered surface 
  • Antique furface finishing 

Experenced designer knows you better and achieve your design better

  • High efficiency 
  • Know your design very well
  • Giving suggestion during deepening drawings
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The Process Flow & Duration Estimation for Hotel Furniture Manufacturing

Please note that the final delivery time depends on the quantity of hotel rooms, the efficency of approval processes, customized service you require, relevant national policies.Here are the short list of your order production procudues and estimated time for references.

Step 1: Receive the inquiry .

when we receive your enquiry , our sales will contact you within 8 working hours. we will collect the needed information for the market demand ,such as project scope ,detailed designs,how many hotel rooms ,where is the project located, how is the project management , and may show you our previous projects .

Step 2: Project quote.

As this step ,you can get cost estimates first . After we collect all the detailed requirements like materials ,furnishing from the designer, we are going to take 3-5 days to analysis the total cost .if you have the project budget from the owner or construction contractor , that will be helpful for us to meet your fixed cost .

Step 3: Payment schedule .

After confirm the prices , the deposit should be paid through T/T . Usually 30% -50% of the total amount as deposit . For the balance L/C is acceptable .This procedure usually take 1 day for us to receive the payment .

Step 4: Sampling

This process also can be done before bulk manufacturing , you can select the few pieces from all the items to make the samples for quality checking . First of all ,the production drawing will be approved by your side .Then the paper will be cut 1:1 as the furniture size to check the whole dimenssion,after that the wood parts will follow the the 1:1 paper. when everything is fine from the paper sampling , we are going to make the wood parts which will follow the paper size till complete the sample production process .Usually it takes 7-12 days.

Step 5: Produciton drawing.

We have an experenced team with 12 designers for your drawings. Once we got the photos or sketches , we will study the concept first to achieve your designs better . After the shape ,diamenssion of the furnitures, the detailed finishing , materials, technological complexity will be marked on the drawings to get your final approval before the bulk proudctions processes. 3-5 days will be spent on this process ,it depends on the project capacity .

Step 6: Bulk manufacturing .

This is the most important process now also it takes the longest time in all the works . 30-45 days needed for the bulk manufacturing .In the furniture industry ,the production processes are : board cutting -polishing-QC -solid wood part-QC-polishing-QC -wood parts assembling -based painting-QC -surface painting-QC-polishing -final painting -QC- soft parts assembling-QC- packaging-QC.

Step 7: Shipping.

We are very glad to provide our clients extra shipping service,especially in nowadays, the shipping freight is high ,when you have other products to be shipped together ,we are glad to collect all then ship together to save the cost .Consideration for our clients is what we are doing all the time.

Want to know how to compress lead times?

When there is a fixed opening date for a hotel, and you spent too much time on other process,  now you need the furnitures to be ready as soon as possible before it opens.please contact us to help you.

FAQs About Miracle Hotel Furniture Manufacture

Please note that the final cost depends on the customized service you require, the specifications of the raw materials used, the relevant national laws, and the distance of transportation. Take the example of booking a tall container of products:

Are you a manufacture?

Yes, we are factory directly in Guangdong China and we are in the hotel furniture manufacturing more than 16 years and we have more than 200 workers ,14 designers.Our products are exported all over the word.

Do you make hotel furniture only?

We are a factory mainly for hotel furnitures with high standard and durable quality with acceptable price. Our products also expreading in the real estate ,personal villas , resorts and some other commercial projects by our great customization works .

Does your material healty?

Elegant finising , duralable using ,heathy material and good after sales service are the key points we are always insisting on .The wood we are using are solid wood and E1-E0 MDF which is eco-friendly ,the painting must pass GB18582-2001 GB/T9756-2001 GB/T3049-1998 standard.

Did you do 5-star hotel proejcts?

Yes, our prouct location is 5 star quality .We did a lot of 5-star hotel projects all over the world. We believe it is better to have misunderstanding on the price negociating at the begining than mistake on the product quality after delivery. Welcome to contact us for more project details.

Do you provide samples?

We have lots of  furnishing samples on RESOURCES ,please click it to find the one you are interested on and contact us to get the samples.It is free. Regarding the product sample, after you confirm the quote and other details, we are very glad to make few piece samples for the quality checking before bulk manufacturing.

How can i inspect products now?

Due to the Covid-19 epidemic situation these two years, our clients are not able to come and inspect the goods, for these we have some solution for it :1.Arrange the third party inspection .2 Online video inspecitons. 3.Photos or video took by us (we always providing it) the most important is we are keeping quality from ourself when there is inspection or no.

Can you send engeer to our site?

Site installation is very important for both of the buyer also the seller . we are pleased to send our engineer for installastion on the site if you needed .

How do you control the quality?

We stand by for our product qualitty is not just saying , we have a very strict quality check system .The products from the material to the ready made must pass 6 times quality checking .

What's your regular delivery time

The regular delivery time for a project of  the whole production process is around 30-45 days from the material purchasing .Due to some 

The Basic Knowledge About Hotel Furniture

Please note that the final cost depends on the customized service you require, the specifications of the raw materials used, the relevant national laws, and the distance of transportation. Take the example of booking a tall container of products:

When Furniture Meets Luxury Stone: An Emerging Trend

In recent years, the fusion of luxury stones with furniture has emerged as a prominent trend in home design. This trend not only reflects a growing consumer demand for high-end, personalized home products but also

The Common Pitfalls When Purchasing

Yes, they quote me all the furnitures by different designs and dimensions but their price is much lower than yours. Why? You’ll have to wait until we share some information with you as below so that can find out more about the reasons.

For us, every step from the beginning is clear to you. When your order comes onto our production line and we send out videos or photos so that not only can see how it’s made but also what materials are inside!

A Brief Self-Nomination​, Why Choose Miracle Hotel Furniture

Miracle hotel furniture has been in the furniture industry for more than 16 years till now .With the fully experences ,we  deeply know that how important the speciality and after-sales service for the hotel projects. We committe to provide our clients value beyonds the furnitures only .

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  • More than 80000 m2 workshop and 240 workers keep on time delivery
  • Strict QC system ensure the quality from sample to bulk order
  • English and other language sales for better communication 
  • Experenced designers know your designs very well 
  • VR technical helps you to see your  products before production 
  • Available mock-up rooms to display your furnitures 1:1 as your hotel room

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