Tips for maintaining hotel furniture

I. What is the basic method of maintaining hotel furniture?

Carrying out preventive maintenance of the hotel furniture implies in-depth knowledge of all the methods. There are many ways for maintaining the quality of funrniture some fo basic methods are:

  1. Avoid sunlight

  Avoid direct sunlight. If the exquisite wooden hotel furniture has been exposed to the sun, it is easy to partially fade, and the wood is too dry, which is prone to cracks, fading, and drying of the rattan material.

  • Clean rags

  When cleaning and maintaining hotel furniture, you must first determine whether the clothes used are clean. When cleaning or wiping off dust, be sure to turn it over or use a clean rag before use.

  • To prevent dust

  To prevent dust. Generally, the relatively high-end log hotel furniture made of oak, walnut, etc. has an exquisite carved decoration. If it cannot be cleaned regularly, dust will easily accumulate in small gaps and affect the appearance.

  •  Keep Moisturizing

   The moisture of hotel furniture cannot be simply wiped with a damp rag, but professional hotel furniture care essential oils should be used. Such oils have natural orange oil, which has the ability to get absorbed by wood fibers.

  •  Do not subject them to strong impacts.

    To avoid deformation of the products, do not subject them to strong impacts, and do not pass along the surfaces with sharp cutting objects.

II. Which products can be used to maintain hotel furniture?

 The biggest asset of hotel furniture cleaning is using the right product. to maintain the furniture in the best condition, ensuring an impeccable experience for the guest. For this to happen without surprises or limitations, daily maintenance with accurate products is essential for the hotel. Common cleaning products are:

  • Waxes 

Furniture waxes are used to provide a long-lasting shield for hotel furniture. They are available in solids and liquids also. Some waxes are colored, and they can cover small cracks, scratches, or other stains.

  • Oils 

Many pure oils, such as lemon oil, are applied to the furniture to make the surface shiny and oily to absorb dust, which can clean easily.

  • Cleansers 

Cleansers are the most regular use products while cleaning any furniture. They help the furniture to stay away from dust.

  • Polishes

Polishes for furniture are emulsion bases. They can be used on a regular based on any type of furniture. Before polishing, make sure that the surface has no wax, dust, or oil on it.

IV.  How to maintain different materials of hotel furniture?

Hotel furniture is made up of many different materials and every material requires different cleaning and maintenance routines. Below, we have elaborate cleaning activities of different materials.


Artificial leather, synthetic leather, and soft leather furniture should not come into contact with heat, sunlight, freezing, and oil. Furniture with Leather upholstery is placed away from heating appliances and windows. It should be remembered that the leather is sensitive to solvents, soapy water and any chemical solutions. If the dirt is heavy, it can be wiped with a cloth dipped in a neutral detergent, then wiped with a wrung wet cloth, then wiped with a dry cloth.

Some points to take care of are:

  • Do not expose furniture to adverse temperatures.
  • Clean furniture with a clean, soft cloth
  • Cover the leather furniture if not in use


Marble is used to décor furniture, and it is durable for life. You need to enhance its beauty to make your area more esthetic.

  • Before putting drinks, use coasters on a marble table.
  • Use polish and cleanser to clean the marble.
  • Do not use wax and washing detergents because they can cause the scratch stone.
  • If scratches appear, call professional
  • Do not use acid, it can cause dull spots.


Rattan furniture has the characteristics of not being afraid of the tide, but if it is summer, mold may appear in the gap between the rattan, which is the most likely to breed bacteria, so It needs to be cleaned and ventilated at any time, but after cleaning, it is necessary to pay attention not to expose to the sun to avoid deformation and breakage. some points to take care of are:

  • Dust furniture with a soft cloth on a regular basis
  • Woven panels should be vacuumed with a brush attachment
  • Avoid dragging rattan chairs because it can cause the splitting of rattan reed


If the indoor environment is too humid, the wood will be damp, causing the wood furniture to become moldy, rotten, or even deformed. Usually, it is necessary to ensure that the ambient temperature and humidity in the home is appropriate. Wooden furniture should not be placed in places such as balconies to avoid wood cracking and embrittlement due to moisture loss.

some points to take care of are:

  • Avoid direct exposure to sunlight
  • Solid wood furniture should be dusted frequently.
  • Use a soft dry rag to wipe along the texture.
  • Try to avoid using sharp objects above wooden furniture so as not to leave unsightly marks on the wood surface.
  • Cover the surface of the purchased furniture with a cushion

All this can not only protect the furniture from scratches by hard objects but also prevent dust from contaminating the furniture.


wood can be easily damaged that’s why they require some extra care and attention than traditional hardwood, but if you take the time to properly maintain your investment, it will last for many years!

Some points to take care of are:

  • Avoid hot and humid
  • When moving heavy furniture, it is important to put a protective pad underneath.
  • You should sweep every day and vacuum once or twice a week.
  • use a soft cloth, do not use wet cleaners as these may damage furniture
  • Don’t place any heavy objects directly on the floor; be sure to use a mat or rug. This will protect your engineered floor from any uncertain damage.
  • If you notice any stains or scratches or your floor smells musty, it may be time to replace the circuit board.
  • If spilled, be sure to clean up with a dry towel.


The fabric is easy to adhere to dust, and dust removal should be done at ordinary times to avoid mildew in humid weather. If the fabric sofa is damp, a sofa towel with strong water absorption can be used. Many people like the fashionable styles of hotel furniture fabric, but cleaning and maintenance have also become troubles for many people. When vinegar, wine, oil, juice, and soy sauce are dropped on anti-fouling products, they are all in the form of water droplets without any penetration, and the effect is very good for cleaning.

Some points to take care of are:

  • Use anti-fouling patented technologies
  • Dust fabric regularly
  • Use a sofa towel with good water absorption and clean frequently.


Brass is usually one of the most common components in furniture. Its color and rigidity make it a very aesthetic and durable component, which provides a stylish contrast with other objects in the area. Proper maintenance is necessary to maintain the shine of the brass.

Some points to take care of are:

  • Remove dust from the surface with a cloth.
  • Always Dry the surface.
  • You can use a multi-surface cleaner for hard dust and to give shine.
  • You can clean brass with vinegar and baking soda.


Today, maintenance services have become essential for any hotel chain. It helps them in various areas, and thus, they make sure to get better results. Cleaning hotel furniture should be done following the recommendations cited in this article. Only then at way, the guests will feel comfortable.  What did you think of these hotel maintenance secrets? Will you implement any? Tell us; You can also share them with your friends. If you need more information about Hotel Outsourcing, do not hesitate to contact us.

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