What certificate or test of furniture for Saudi Arabia importer ?

Since there is SABER (Saudi Arabia’s electronic conformity assessment program) which is a mandatory system launched in January 2019 for all products being imported into Saudi Arabia. The certificate or test reports issue is more and more important for Saudi Arabia importers to be cleared and arranged before placing orders.

Today we are talking about the certificates or test report of furniture should be made for Saudi market.  Because if failure to comply with the necessary certifications or relevant test standards, it can result in fines, delays on customs clearance , even seizure of the products.

Saudi Arabian Import Regulations for Furniture


This is the most important certification required for most products imported into Saudi Arabia. SABER certification is required for products that fall under certain categories, such as children’s furniture, outdoor furniture, and furniture with electrical components. However, even if SABER certification is not explicitly required for a particular type of furniture, the SASO certification is still mandatory for all products imported into Saudi Arabia.


In addition to the SASO certification, other certifications may be required depending on the type of hotel furniture being imported. For instance, if the furniture is made from wood, the importer may need to obtain a Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certification to ensure that the wood is sourced from responsibly managed forests.


If the furniture is intended for use in indoor environments, the importer may need to obtain a Greenguard certification to ensure that it meets the highest standards for indoor air quality.


This certification ensures that the product meets international standards for quality, safety, and environmental performance.

UL test

This certification ensures that the product meets various safety standards and is safe for use.


ASTM is a widely recognized standard-setting organization, and many of its standards are used around the world, including in Saudi Arabia. Therefore, compliance with relevant ASTM standards can help ensure that furniture products meet the necessary requirements for import into Saudi Arabia.

What are the procedures for the SASO/SABER ?

1.Register with SABER:First, the importer or authorized representative of the importer must register with SABER through the online portal. This requires providing information about the importing company, the type of product being imported, and other relevant details.

2.Obtain SASO certification: The furniture must be certified by the Saudi Arabian Standards Organization (SASO) to ensure compliance with the relevant Saudi Arabian standards and specifications.

3.Submit application for SABER certification: The importer or authorized representative must submit an application for SABER certification through the online portal. The application should include all relevant details about the furniture product, including its intended use, specifications, and testing results.

4.Provide documentation:The importer or authorized representative must provide all relevant documentation, including the SASO certificate, testing reports, and other relevant information.

5.Pay fees.The importer or authorized representative must pay all required fees for SABER certification.( 2 different fees: COC also called PC and SC)

6.Wait for approval:Once the application and documentation have been submitted, SABER will review the application and either approve or reject it. If the application is approved, the importer will receive a SABER certificate, which will allow the furniture to be imported into Saudi Arabia.

In conclusion, importing hotel furniture into Saudi Arabia requires compliance with the country’s import regulations, including obtaining the necessary certifications and ensuring that the products meet relevant standards. SASO certification is mandatory, and other certifications may be required depending on the type of hotel furniture being imported. Understanding the requirements and costs involved in obtaining certifications and complying with import regulations is essential for hotel furniture importers. To ensure a smooth and successful import process, it is advisable to consult with an experienced manufacture /import/export agent or customs broker.


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